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BERESA: All Around Cleanroom Supplier - Tijuana, Baja California, México



Company Profile: Beresa offers the best Cleanroom Products, Supplies & Consumables.

We are a top distributor and sales representative of all industrial supplies and garments for cleanroom use including gloves, shoe covers, beard covers and bouffant caps tacky mats. Also we have available all cleaning and disinfecting solution for all surfaces in and out of your cleanroom.

We guarantee the best pricing on your cleanroom supplies.

We will stock your supplies so we can ship cleanroom supplies the same day you order them.

We will stock your cleanroom supplies at our warehouse to eliminate any backorders, price increases or availability issues. We provide you with your own Cleanroom Connection account manager who will personally manage your account.


Cleanroom disposables are a cleanroom provisions which consists of different types of disposable cleanroom supplies or cleanroom products, this supplies that can be thrown away after a single use or after a specified duration of time. A broad variety of cleanroom supplies of cleanroom disposables are available in our company, Beresa.


Our products

Our cleanroom supplies are non-woven disposable safety garments, specifically meant to be worn in the cleanrooms. Some widely used cleanroom garments are hoods, smocks, aprons, coveralls, wipes, frocks, suits, gowns, lab coats and undergarments. These cleanroom product supplies are designed to be comfortable and are made of fabric, which filters human-dispersed contamination. In addition, these cleanroom supplies are especially designed to provide a protective covering to a person who wears them, thereby preventing unfiltered body emissions to disperse into the cleanroom and mainly into your product therefore protecting your WIP (work in process).


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